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Social Media Ideas #2: Product Reviews and Referrals in Marketing

Social Media Ideas: Product reviews and referrals in marketing are arguably the most useful way to eliminate shoppers’ concerns regarding a product. 90% of the consumers say they are influenced by reviews in their purchase. The dilemma is that very few customers create or write them. To help you with that, you can launch a Product Reviews Campaign. No matter

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Customer Marketing: The complete guide – 10 customer-based campaigns

Customer marketing is a type of marketing that is-focused on your current customer base, rather than new prospects who don’t know you. Here’s the complete guide on Customer Marketing and a few examples of customer based campaigns. Your Customers Need To Be An Active Asset In Designing your Revenue Growth Strategies There are too many labels in the Marketing space

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VoxFeed’s Shopify Integration – Advocates Community

Voxfeed’s Shopify integration gives brands the opportunity to convert their customers and fans into a team of content-creating social media advocates. This integration makes the experience as simple as possible for businesses and brand advocates. Check our free to install app on Shopify App Store Build your Brand Advocates Community  VoxFeed covers the end-to-end process to convert your loyal customers into

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[Template] Influencer marketing brief & brand advocates program

An influencer marketing brief includes the guidelines that serve as a starting point to correctly develop the campaign and meet the business goals. Find here some examples of influencer campaign brief and brand advocates program. In campaigns with influencers or brand advocate programs, communication between both parties is essential to achieve successful results. For that, it’s necessary to make the

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10 Brand advocates and Influencer marketing stats – 2022

Here are our influencer marketing stats! Influencer Marketing is among the most popular types of marketing with reportedly 93% of brands using it. Over the last five years, it has grown from obscurity to a form of marketing where even the biggest brands understand its value. Now, it’s on track to become a $15 billion dollar industry by 2022 and it shows

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Success Stories: Arista Records and how VoxFeed reduced their costs on TikTok Campaigns

Arista Records is an American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, originally founded in 1974. It was the home to some of the most iconic names in the industry including Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. Here’s how they’ve launched TikTok campaigns with VoxFeed. With a strong mix of established and new talent, Arista is a label to reckon with. Its approach is simple:

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