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5 Proven Marketing Strategies for Adventure Gear & Outdoor Brands

Marketing Outdoor Brands & Adventure Gear: In the outdoor world, consumers often want to know the best brands and products to use for various activities, from hiking boots recommendations to must-have climbing gear and everything in adventure gear. To reach this audience, community marketing, content and influencer marketing play a key role. TL;DR These are our proven marketing strategies for

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Why You Need a Customer Success Community: Building Community Engagement

Customer success communities (CSUs) are groups of people that come together around a shared interest in improving a company’s products and services. They often include employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. CSUs are an effective way to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Find out how to build a customer success community and start building community engagement. The main purpose of

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5 Ways to Reward Customers For Their Loyalty and Reviews

How to reward customers? Rewarding customers is an important part of business. Customer loyalty is a measure of a customer’s likeliness to do repeat business with a company or brand. It is the result of customer satisfaction, positive customer experiences, and the overall value of the goods or services a customer receives from a business. It helps build customer relationships, encourages repeat

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Brand Ambassadorships: What It Is And Why It Works – Social Proofing

Brand ambassadorships are an excellent way for companies to promote themselves in a positive light and to social proof their brand. Brand ambassadorships are becoming more and more popular in today’s world as they allow companies to reach new audiences by promoting their products through brand advocates or influencers. They’re also a great way for people to earn extra money

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Using TikTok for Marketing: 6 strategies and content examples for brands

Thinking about using TikTok for Marketing? Not sure where to start or what type of content will work best for your brand? We help you with 6 strategies and TikTok content examples so you can structure your communications strategies See our complete guide to influencer marketing on TikTok It’s no surprise that companies that show authenticity in their content are

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What are Customer Advocates? Free customer advocacy software

Customer advocates can be your trusted partners for your brand. Here’s how to build a customer advocacy program and free-to-access customer advocacy software. VoxFeed act as support to make life easier for both agencies and brands when managing content and running campaigns with your own customer advocates. Meet VoxFeed, a free customer advocacy software Customers aren’t just looking for a product

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Social Media Marketing Ideas #3: Contests, Raffles & Giveaways Ideas

Giveaways are limited-time promotions in which brands promise to give away a product or service to one (or more) entrants according to a specified set of contest criteria. If there’s one thing that brands and customers love, it’s giveaways and social media contests. Branded competitions, or raffles – no matter which form they take, giveaways carry a certain value both

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Social Media Ideas #2: Product Reviews and Referrals in Marketing

Social Media Ideas: Product reviews and referrals in marketing are arguably the most useful way to eliminate shoppers’ concerns regarding a product. 90% of the consumers say they are influenced by reviews in their purchase. The dilemma is that very few customers create or write them. To help you with that, you can launch a Product Reviews Campaign. No matter

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