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Success Stories: How California Pizza Kitchen managed to increase sales by 76%

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is an internationally recognized restaurant chain. From a legendary pizza in California to a global brand in more than 11 countries. Its introduction to Mexico was 13 years ago and has shown great dynamics in recent years.

Their online strategy was focused on traditional digital marketing but an alternative was needed. Something different, that would improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. The goal was to reach their KPI of online traffic growth and build a dynamic community – brand advocates – that would allow for sustainable organic growth in the company. All this based on what is most important to CPK: its customers.

California Pizza Kitchen: The results


Average Monthly Sales by the end of the campaign


Average monthly organic web traffic at the landing page


Audience increase and number of followers in their social media


The Campaign and the Strategy – Reach, Conversion and ROI

California Pizza Kitchen is a global company, but its presence in Mexico has undergone important changes in recent years. With VoxFeed, the company sought to increase its digital presence, strengthen its brand’s community and, with that, increase sales in its restaurants. In line with these objectives, CPK aimed to expand its target market, conveying its food offerings, consumption moments and healthier options – always by putting the customer at the center of the strategy.

cpk success story 1

For this purpose, they designed a campaign divided into 3 stages with very specific KPIs:

  1. Maximize Reach: Carry the message through content creators and micro influencers, for greater reach;
  2. Maximize Conversion: Creating a brand’s community with customers and CPK fans;
  3. Maximize ROI: Community boosting and encouraging fans to drive the growth of the community.

Stage 1 – Maximize Reach: Carrying the message through content creators and micro influencers

Due to the location restrictions and the specific segment to be reached, the brand used VoxFeed Plus.

Essentially, it is a system that leverages VoxFeed’s data storage and processing to segment micro influencers by gender, interests, audience size, social network, engagement rate, cost, reach or location. This way, the campaign can be scaled to thousands of influencers in an efficient way, discovering new talent and optimizing the use of the budget. As a result, we were able to transmit the message to the base of traditional creators who complied with the segmentation defined.

These creators, attracted by the message, requested to join the campaign, allowing the brand to identify the niche that likes and feels identified with the brand and its values. From there, specific profiles were chosen to help to maximize the campaign’s reach, as well as those who were representative of the lifestyle embodied by the brand.

cpk success story 2

This phase was fundamental to expand the brand’s audience base. During the first month of the campaign, it generated a +62% impact in organic monthly traffic on the California Pizza Kitchen page:

cpk success story web traffic
Organic Web Traffic

Stage 2 – Maximizing Conversion: Community Building – brand advocates

During phase 1, the goal of putting CPK on the radar of the target audience was accomplished by identifying the group of creators who comply with the brand’s message and brief. The KPI of organic web traffic was achieved, however the strategy also involved building a community of fans and users of the brand, who would spread the message.

When creating a community, the authenticity factor is fundamental. In fact, only 18% of consumers say they trust influencers, while 92% trust the recommendations of Brand Advocates. This is essential for the conversion of the traffic generated into tangible results for the brand.

That’s why this second stage consisted of using California Pizza Kitchen’s user base: those who already know CPK and are fans of the brand – Brand Advocates. This brand’s community is built from fans who want to join the campaign through a VoxFeed registration link on CPK’s social media (in this case Facebook and Instagram), brand rewards programs and point-of-sale postings. From these fans, the intention is to generate authentic and genuine recommendations.

cpk success story 3

This phase 2 allowed above all the creation of a captive audience on Instagram, direct interaction of users with the brand and the growth/strengthening of a community around CPK (+48% during the campaign):

cpk success story followers social
Social media audience @cpkmexico

Stage 3 – Maximizing ROI: most effective customer acquisition channel

By establishing a relationship with the brand’s real users, they continued to create content about CPK, becoming representatives of the brand. As the relationship evolved, they themselves shared with their audience the opportunity to be part of the community.

Having a captive community in love with the brand, collaborations were created where the incentive is done through coupons, promotions, free product, among other things. This has caused a permanent interaction between CPK and a growing community of brand advocates. This almost organic dynamic allowed to reach a higher ROI than the other digital acquisition channels of the company.

cpk success story 4
Brand Activation with the CPK Community
cpk success story 5
Organic interactions among the CPK community

These interactions created a sense of community around California Pizza Kitchen, bringing the brand closer to its consumers. This is reflected on the sales floor, with CPK achieving 76% growth in monthly revenue during the campaign. This increase in sales made VoxFeed the company’s main customer acquisition channel and the most profitable digital platform.

Brand Advocates – the customer at the center of it all

The executed strategy had a high impact on California Pizza Kitchen mainly because it fulfilled three essential purposes:

  1. Adequate and directed offer to its target market
  2. Created a community with its own customers and fans of the brand
  3. Encouraged and amplified the community’s messages and content.

A brand that wants to position itself and create a strong sense of community must start from the premise that sales will come from recommendations among users and not only from the company’s actions.

An important factor is to distinguish between Brand Advocates / Community Marketing and Influencer Marketing. Brand Advocates play a key role in growing brand loyalty and creating affinity with the brand on an ongoing basis.

VoxFeed provides the tools and platform for developing these types of strategies, mostly at a fraction of the cost of customer acquisition in traditional digital channels. The authenticity of these types of interactions breaks through the noise of traditional marketing, and supports a business’ user acquisition strategy on its most valuable asset: customers.

Let’s talk about your strategy and the KPIs you want to achieve