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VoxFeed Plus: A new tool to scale your campaigns

Scale your campaigns with your micro-influencers

Imagine having the potential to scale your influencer marketing campaigns with tens of thousands of micro-influencers. VoxFeed helps you scale campaigns with micro-influencers quickly, safely and reliably. You can reach thousands of influencers with just one button.

What is VoxFeed Plus?

Voxfeed Plus is a tool that allows you to segment influencers based on their interests and their audience profile. Find the best micro-influencers for your campaigns according to their gender, interests, audience size, social networks, engagement rate, cost, scope, or location.

Thanks to this feature, you can execute better campaigns with a large number of better-fitting collaborators.

What are the advantages of using VoxFeed Plus?

  1. Optimizes your campaigns. With Voxfeed Plus, you only pay for each publication. The algorithm is calculated based on a ratio between the size of the audience and the projected interactions and engagements of the post.
  2. Fast and scalable process. Saves time and resources in monitoring processes. Get real-time reports of thousands of posts in minutes. Track and manage your campaigns with very little time and effort.
  3. Reliable, authentic content. Collaborate with thousands of real influencers and brand advocates. Filter and find the best matches for your brand. These users are verified by our technology and approved by your team before collaborating.

Better campaign control and management

As a brand using VoxFeed, you can decide which influencers participate in your campaigns using the invite-only feature. With this private mode, you can pre-select only the specific creators you want to work with your brand. This saves you the time and effort of review proposals.

Otherwise, campaigns in VoxFeed Plus are open to all influencers who match your defined criteria. Then, these influencers can send you proposals and requests.

VoxFeed Plus protects your brand safety and the costs of your campaign. The expected performance of each post determines the payment, which you can review beforehand. You have the power to decide whether to accept or reject an application based on either cost or content. 

New opportunities for brand enthusiasts

Are you a brand enthusiast trying to connect with your favorite brands? Use VoxFeed Plus. This feature allows you to get closer to your favorite brands. If you want to collaborate with certain brands and do not yet have a relationship with them or have a hard time getting in touch with them, now you can. VoxFeed Plus allows you to request participation in exchange for a small service charge.

Create your VoxFeed account and start collaborating in minutes!