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Social Media Reviews – What They Are and How To Get Them

Social media reviews are an effective way to improve customer service and boost sales. They also provide valuable feedback that helps businesses grow and thrive. A huge 68% of users will often go straight to social media to find reviews and information about products before purchasing. Find out how to get customer reviews on social media. The TL;DR version of how to

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How to Start an UGC campaign? 5 Examples to Get UGC on Social Media

A user generated content (UGC) campaign is aimed at getting fans, followers, and customers to create social media content (especially photos and videos) featuring your products, services, restaurant, hotel, etc. Learn how to start a UGC campaign and get authentic social media content. Why brands create UGC campaigns UGC campaigns offer content to share on social media, the ability to

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Musicians & Record Labels: How To Launch Music Marketing Campaigns

The basics of Music Marketing Campaigns: If you are a musician or even a record label, you want everyone to hear your music: from long-time fans to those who have just discovered your sound. Nowadays, eye-catching and engaging music marketing campaigns are more powerful than album artwork. Implementing them is a must if you’re doing marketing for musicians, record label

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How to Encourage User-Generated Content for Marketing? – VoxFeed

How to get more user-generated content? User generated content (UGC) for marketing is an important part of any successful social media strategy. It helps build trust between brands and consumers, and encourages people to share their opinions and experiences. Learn how to encourage user-generated content and get more conversions. What is User-Generated Content (UGC) for marketing? User-generated content (UGC) is any

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Content Creation for Social Media – 7 Tips for Indie Brands

Content creation for social media is an important part of any digital marketing plan for an indie brand. It helps businesses build relationships with customers by sharing valuable information that interests them. But creating great content takes time and effort. What if you had an easy way to attract, receive and manage user-generated content? Click Here The importance of social

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How to Launch a Paid Referrals Program – A Beginner’s Guide – Marketing

Paid referrals programs are an effective way for businesses to attract new customers. They’re also a great way to build relationships with existing clients. Retail stores create their own referral programs as a way to reach more people. It’s a marketing strategy that asks previous happy, loyal customers to become paid referrals. They’re incentivized to do so—in return for gift

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Websites for Affiliates & Types of Programs: Top rewards for customers

Websites for affiliates: Over the years, affiliate marketing has gain its popularity as a cost-effective strategy for business growth. Particularly for small companies, this marketing strategy enables them to increase brand awareness and boost sales with minimal budget and less effort. Because of its pay-per-transaction nature, it allows businesses to reduce ads costs while tapping into a wider market reach. Also, thousands

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Using TikTok for Marketing: 6 strategies and content examples for brands

Thinking about using TikTok for Marketing? Not sure where to start or what type of content will work best for your brand? We help you with 6 strategies and TikTok content examples so you can structure your communications strategies See our complete guide to influencer marketing on TikTok It’s no surprise that companies that show authenticity in their content are

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Marketing Advocacy: How to get your clients to be your brand advocates

Marketing advocacy is a type of marketing that focuses on getting your current customers to talk about your brand and products through tools such as testimonials, product reviews, and social mentions. Since over 88% of shoppers research online before buying, brand advocates help new customers make decisions about the products that they buy. Advocacy works because people are more likely to

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