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TikTok trends: how to identify and join them

TikTok trends with one billion views reveal how the platform is influencing popular culture. So whether you want to get more followers on TikTok or you’re just getting started, we help you discover trends and how to join them.

What are TikTok trends?

Simply put, it’s how the app groups your trending hashtags and songs. It’s easy to find the top TikTok trends within the social network by clicking on the “Discover” magnifying glass and choosing Trends at the top of the screen.

While hashtags that trend on other social media such as Twitter often disappear within a day, TikTok trends can remain for months. But that doesn’t mean TikTok is boring – quite the opposite. In fact, it highlights the creativity of its community of creators, as new ideas are constantly emerging to expand and evolve the meme.

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Why trends are important?

Why should you know what’s trending on TikTok? Because TikTok is not only the fastest growing social media in the world, with close to a billion users, but also the one that best reflects real-life human experiences, yet in a fun and comical way.

And that means that while other social media largely reflect popular culture, TikTok increasingly drives it, from songs that become global hits to fashion, lifestyle and even political trends. TikTok is also having a major influence on other social platforms, which are desperately trying to mimic its functionality (hello Instagram Reels!).

Additionally, to get more followers, it’s key to understand how TikTok’s algorithm works. It prioritizes videos that use certain trending audio, effects or hashtags. These videos are more likely to be seen because they are spread by other users, and are easier to find when browsing the “Discover” tab.

tiktok trends

How to identify them?

One of the easiest ways to identify trends is to navigate through the Discover tab, which will display a variety of audios or topics that are trending.

In fact, there is a hashtag you can follow that does the work for you. #trendalert is a popular international hashtag that some TikTokers use to identify trends that others can follow. They take it upon themselves to scour TikTok and identify what is gaining in popularity. The appeal of following this hashtag is that all you have to do is hop on whatever trend they have identified.


i need to see every trip, link up, everyTHING under this sound ##fyp ##transitions ##transitionideas ##trendalert

♬ all summer 2021 LEILAHFLO - leilahflo

Trends can also vary depending on the algorithm niche you are stuck in. For example, what’s trending on Tech TikTok may not be trending on Fashion TikTok. That’s okay, because this helps get your videos on the “For You” pages of people who will appreciate that trend. If you’re in a niche or want to be, to find trending features just pay attention to the “For You” page. If you notice that an audio is showing up in some videos, it’s probably gaining traction. The same goes for hashtags, TikTok dances or features.

Use a trending feature

TikTok is constantly evolving. That’s why it’s constantly adding new features that will help you create content. This can apply to anything that is trending.

For example, audios. If you’ve found a song or other sound that’s popular, add it to your favorites so you can access it later. And don’t worry about repeating it: it’s common for a creator to use an audio multiple times. However, the key to successfully using an audio is to make sure it remains popular.

The best way to check if an audio is trending is to go to the audio’s page and see the most recent videos that use it. Ideally, videos will have been posted as recently as a day or two ago. If most of the videos are several days or weeks old, it is safe to assume that the trend has passed.