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How to Share and Submit Music to Influencers – TikTok, Reels & Shorts

If you are an artists or even a record company, you want everyone to hear your music: from long-time fans to those who have just discovered your sound or influencers. Nowadays, eye-catching and engaging music marketing campaigns on TikTok, Reels and Youtube Shorts are more powerful than any album artwork. Learn how to share and submit music to Influencers on TikTok, Reels and YouTube Shorts.

VoxFeed Music connects Artists, Concert Promoters and Record Labels with Fans and Influencers

Social media is huge for artists and record companies. It’s a big way that companies have brought artists into the spotlight the last couple of years. Songs can rise up organically on the app even if they’ve been outside the mainstream for decades. Marketers can also hire influencers to try to make a song take off, sparking a wave of user-generated posts from their fans.

Submiting and sharing music with influencers

VoxFeed’s enterprise-grade technology helps record companies and artists create and manage communities that will promote your song. With our software, you can build long-term, multi-campaign relationships and manage the entire collaboration process with influencers.

So, in order to share and submit your music to influencers and fans:

  1. Create your VoxFeed account;
  2. Create your brand and start your campaign;
  3. Select TikTok, Reels, Shorts or any other social media to get content;
  4. Write a small brief with the type of content you need and the audio you want to promote;
  5. Hand pick available influencers and connect with them; Or broadcast your campaign and share your music to whoever wants to participate.
  6. Receive content from influencers with your music and manage/ approve it before release.

Working with fans and regular people

Instead of using influencers, you can also work with your owns fans to reach virality. Unlike other platforms, Reels and TikTok identify viral content by the volume of people that post a song or a specific subject. They don’t need to have a huge following. This is a great way to become viral and integrate your fans into your marketing efforts.

Another benefit of collaborating with fans and regular people is that it can help to build trust and create a genuine interest into your music. When people see that you’re engaging with a lot of people, they’ll be more likely to like you too. This is because they’ll see that you’re not just trying to promote yourself – you’re also interested in working with others.