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How to Get Cheap, Low-Budget Influencer Marketing – Under $500

Are you wanting to use influencer marketing but you’re afraid of breaking your budget? Believe it or not, you can get valuable content produced with low-budget influencer marketing strategies.

Nowadays, most of us know that influencer marketing is here to stay as one of the most effective ways to market a brand. It allows you to reach a wider audience, increase your sales, and tell your brand’s story in unique and authentic ways. We also know that using this method to get your business noticed can become an expensive undertaking very quickly when paying per post. But what if there is a cheaper way to participate? Quality influencer marketing doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can get valuable social media content produced with low-budget influencer marketing strategies. So what are these magical strategies that will boost your business while keeping you within your limited budget?

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Low-Budget Influencer Marketing

The average cost for nano and micro-influencers can get from $5 to up to  $500 per post, depending on the requested content and the price point influencers are willing to work with. Cash will always be King, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only way to get a collaborative relationship started. Nano and micro-influencers could also be low-cost influencers – meaning that they are likely to collaborate for in-kind or non-cash payments if what you’re offering is considered valuable. Low-budget influencer marketing strategies that have proven to be popular in this regard are exclusive access to new products, brand association, and giving away specialty products. 

Exclusive Access

Exclusive access to a trial product or service is a great way to build a working relationship with influencers of any level because they are given a chance to become familiar with your latest products while also cultivating a feeling of prioritization. This approach works best with influencers like hobbyists and bloggers – or people whose focus is on unique or niche content. For these low-cost influencers, exclusive access to product trials or first-rights to publish research results that benefit both their audience and work is incentive enough.

Brand Association 

An influencer’s main goal is to gain a solid foothold from which they can climb (especially if they’re smaller scale) within their chosen channels. Because of this, interacting openly with your influencers on their channels through comments or shoutouts can be highly effective. If your brand has a large social following, you can leverage the extra exposure you’ll be giving your low-cost influencers by promising to reuse and tag their content on your brand’s social media in exchange for promotion. 

Giving Away Specialty Products

Giving away specialty products that aren’t available to the general public is another popular low-budget marketing tactic with influencers. This works especially well if you can give a product that is popular or on trend. By providing your influencers with a valuable specialty item that they can get excited about and share with their followers, you’re providing effective content for their channel and further exposure for your brand. If these specialty items are small, you can offer additional value to your influencers such as a free monthly subscription or a discount code off future purchases. 

Okay, all this information is great, but how do you get started? 

Do you have to spend your time and resources building your own influencer program from the ground up? 

Not necessarily! 

VoxFeed has already done the work for you by developing a low-budget marketing collaboration platform where your brand can find and work with hundreds of low-cost influencers in exchange for these types of in-kind payments in one place. Our platform provides a space in which brands can create campaigns, invite influencers to participate, manage compensations, and track campaigns’ performances. 

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