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How to Get Cheap, Low-Budget Influencer Marketing – Under $500

Are you wanting to use influencer marketing but you’re afraid of breaking your budget? Believe it or not, you can get valuable content produced with low-budget influencer marketing strategies. Nowadays, most of us know that influencer marketing is here to stay as one of the most effective ways to market a brand. It allows you to reach a wider audience,

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Influencers in the pandemic: challenges and opportunities

There is no doubt that the current pandemic has affected every area of our lives. If you are a content creator, surely you have had to adapt to this new reality. Although several sectors have been affected by confinement, adapting to the new reality as an influencer is possible provided it is done with great care. In this article, I

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How to make money using your social media influence

The term “influencer” is nothing new. If you’re reading this article, you can probably identify dozens of influencers, or may even be one yourself (and you still don’t know it)! “Influence” is increasingly confused with the number of followers. The reality is that the influence does not depend on the size of the network audience (more statistics in our blog

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