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How to make money using your social media influence

The term “influencer” is nothing new. If you’re reading this article, you can probably identify dozens of influencers, or may even be one yourself (and you still don’t know it)!

“Influence” is increasingly confused with the number of followers. The reality is that the influence does not depend on the size of the network audience (more statistics in our blog post here). An active social media user with the ability to convince and impact the behavior of others through the content they share is an influencer!

Maybe you love publishing photos of your favorite outfits and in your publications, you constantly show the brands that you love. There are brands that reward you for doing so! The same goes for other interests, maybe you are a foodie, a lifestyle blogger, or none of these but you still enjoy sharing quality content and no matter how large or small your audience is. Engagement and interaction over the number of followers you have are what counts. If this sounds like you, you would be an excellent candidate to collaborate with brands.

How does a brand-influencer relationship work? 

Let’s clarifying something: a brand does not pay you just for mentioning their name. (Brands that do this don’t really understand what influencer marketing is all about.) Influencers are rewarded for the creativity and time they spend on their posts. In other words, collaborating with brands in this type of campaign involves combining your style with the objective of each advertising campaign. A relationship with a brand can be for a single campaign, or for several long-term campaigns. At VoxFeed, we believe the best approach for influencers and brands to collaborate is through a cultivated brand advocate community.

Authenticity above all

It is super important to only work with brands that you really have a connection with. Not sure where to start? Think of the brands that you already mention in your personal social media accounts. Think about the brands you already use and love. If you’re a customer and active user of a certain brand, you’re more likely to be able to retell that brand’s story.

For example, if you love sharing your fitness lifestyle on your Instagram account, you can collaborate with a fitness brand. In a photo, you can share how their product makes you feel or serves a role in your everyday life. On the other hand, if you love creating interesting content, you can play with the products of your favorite brands, making original video/photo content, and revolutionize their traditional forms of advertising.

Brands today work with influencers to promote their products/services in a more authentic way that is based on recommendations, as well as to strengthen relationships with their current and future consumers. In our experience, the most effective content (that is, content that really motivates consumers) is based on the connection and credibility that the creator has with the product or brand.

How do I start? 

If you want to connect with brands and monetize your social media influence, register with VoxFeed. With your free account, you have the freedom to choose to collaborate with the campaigns that you identify with.  At the end of the day at VoxFeed, we are dedicated to connecting influencers of all sizes with the brands they like most in sports, entertainment, food/drink, clothing, beauty, and more.

You could be generating an income from your creativity. What are you waiting for?