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How to make money using your social media influence

The term “influencer” is nothing new. If you’re reading this article, you can probably identify dozens of influencers, or may even be one yourself (and you still don’t know it)! “Influence” is increasingly confused with the number of followers. The reality is that the influence does not depend on the size of the network audience (more statistics in our blog

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How to increase engagement on your social networks

Tips for creators to How to improve your engagement results Last month, The Influencer Marketing Hub published its analysis of the influencer marketing industry in 2020 (we have a summary on our blog). A recurring theme was the feeling of frustration at the drop in engagement rates as the number of followers grew. As the study shows, true influence is

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Convert your customers into your micro influencers!

Micro influencers are redefining “influence” Today, many influencers are struggling to show their followers that they are in it for more than money. Brands should be careful when deciding who to select as their brand advocates. Brands are increasingly prioritizing creative alignment and shared values over the number of followers. They are shifting their influencer marketing budgets to micro and

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5 Tips for the perfect flat lay

Mimi Velarde has been a graphic designer and content creator on Instagram for almost 4 years and is currently working on developing her personal brand. Here are her tips for the perfect flat lay. The flat lay, also known as a flat or zenith shot, is widely used in fashion, lifestyle, and creative photography. The style is currently extremely popular

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