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How to increase engagement on your social networks

Tips for creators to How to improve your engagement results

Last month, The Influencer Marketing Hub published its analysis of the influencer marketing industry in 2020 (we have a summary on our blog). A recurring theme was the feeling of frustration at the drop in engagement rates as the number of followers grew.

As the study shows, true influence is not based on the number of followers, but on the ability to influence the behavior of an audience as well as generate engagement. Increasingly, the success of campaigns is based on real conversions and interactions with your posts. Based on those trends, we want to help improve engagement on your accounts.

How to measure your engagement

For starters, we want to define what engagement is. Engagement is the level of audience interaction with your content. It represents a stable and lasting bond with a specific audience. On social media, engagement is measured through your posts and the effect it has on your community.

To measure your engagement, take note of the following indicators: Followers, Likes, Comments, Actions, and Clicks. Also consider the use of popular hashtags and their content, the time of publication, and the quality of their images. This will help you get more people interested in your profile.

6 tips to improve your engagement today

To improve your engagement, we propose the following practical tips.


  • Interact with your audience – When your followers comment on your posts, be sure to like their comments and responses. This will develop trust between you.


  • Follow accounts that generate the same type of content as you – Find hashtags that you use for your posts yourself, and interact with accounts that you like. Follow them, leave comments on their posts, you can even interact with the audience of the accounts you follow. Make your community bigger!


  • Make sure your content is genuine – Take high-quality, specially-cared photos, original public videos, and eye-catching descriptions. Make sure everything is natural and doesn’t seem forced.


  • Work with brands that you genuinely believe in – When you start working with brands, work with the ones you really use. Keep your content 100% organic to keep the trust of your followers.


  • Remove fake followers – Remove from your followers those fake accounts and bots, which do not interact with your profile and can affect your level of engagement and credibility.


  • Be consistent – Post frequent content keeps followers hooked on your account.

Remember that more than ever, brands seek to collaborate with authentic profiles, with real content and your relationship as a creator with your audience is one of the most important factors to consider when collaborating.