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How to make the most of your marketing budget

Three tips for a post-COVID approach

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, shaking businesses worldwide. One area that has been impacted by sudden changes has been marketing. Marketers have had to respond quickly to ever-changing consumer needs amidst budget cuts. 

The biggest area of opportunity is digital marketing. Online traffic is growing, and customers are looking for a real human connection from their brands and social media networks. According to a Global Web Index report on media consumption, 87% of US consumers say they’re consuming more content during the COVID-19 crisis.  Smart marketers realize this and doing are shifting from selling to being present online. We have 3 tips on how to build your presence online with a reduced budget. 

3 ways to maximize your marketing budget

  • Shift to being present versus selling. People are stuck at home and online traffic is up. Increase your digital and social media presence through frequent posts, live streaming, webinars, and more. Make sure your message and tone are focused on being present for your customers and users, not on selling or conversions. 


  • Shift your influencer marketing strategy to micro-influencers. The number of followers or likes that an influencer has does NOT necessarily translate in purchasing intent or activity. If Influencer Marketing receives a portion of your marketing budget, consider working with multiple smaller accounts of micro-influencers versus fewer celebrity influencers for a wider reach. Better yet, invite your current fans and users to share content and promote your brand.  


What is a brand advocate community?

VoxFeed is dedicated to helping businesses strategize and develop their brand advocate communities. The next evolution of influencer marketing is here. And it takes form in an individual brand’s community of advocates, composed of their real users and fans. 

By creating a free Business account on VoxFeed, you have the power to execute campaigns with the content creators in your fan base. Compensation is flexible and does not have to involve much financial investment if any. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can reach thousands and people in exchange for a few free products, discounts, or other non-monetary rewards. This relieves space in your marketing budget that you can dedicate to other activities. 

The brand advocate community approach meets current market needs. Aside from the economic benefits, this approach helps create more community and camaraderie in an age of increased social disconnection. People want to feel connected and look for ways to build bonds with others. Often this is expressed via their love and engagement with a product or service. Smart marketers recognize this motivation and provide opportunities to encourage it.

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If you’re interested in building your brand community, but not sure how to start, reach out to us. We’d be happy to help. VoxFeed has a three-phase approach to recruiting, onboarding, and executing campaigns with your loyal fans and customers. 

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