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Why your brand should collaborate with Mom Influencers

We all know that mom is one of the most important figures in life. But did you know that its economic impact is just as strong? We want to share some amazing statistics from mom influencers that reveal why they are so powerful and influential on social media.

Moms control household purchases

Studies say that in the United States, moms control over 85% of household purchases. This means that, collectively, their decisions have a purchasing power of USD $2.4 trillion. Smart brands know that and direct their marketing to moms.

Today, millennial mom influencers have a very powerful presence on social media. The strength of the mom community on social media has such an impact because moms are looking for product recommendations for their homes, kids, and more. Aside from using social media to build community, moms take advantage of the opportunity to work from home collaborating with brands and creating content.

Mom Influencers who collaborate with VoxFeed

If your brand isn’t collaborating with mom influencers yet, here are 5 mom influencers and their Instagram accounts who are doing a spectacular job with their content.

1. Claudia Burton, @cburtonsiller

Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Audience: 29K
Description: Mom life

“I started in January 2013 with a project of one photo a day for a year, it was called @ProjectLife365, they would upload the list of the week (one word per day) and you would take a photo with your interpretation of the word. They made mentions on their page and that encouraged me to be more creative with my day-to-day.

My account is like a family diary. They are moments of everyday life with an artistic touch. I like to capture the moment and tell the story behind it on its own and show people that any everyday moment can be printed in a beautiful and fun way.” – Claudia Burton

2. Jesy Almaguer, @jesyalmaguer

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Audience: 42.1K
Description: Photographer, Graphic Designer & Botanical Enthusiast

“Years ago my intention was to show the progress of my work, but it happened three years ago I met a group of ‘Instagrammers‘ who motivated me not only to direct and create images but also to share my lifestyle. I love knowing that I can motivate many people to see the world from another perspective and also, the fact that you can carry out a maternal, professional, couple life and without neglecting to recommend the brands and clothing (preferably local) that mark my style.” Jesy Almaguer

3. Steff Echegoyen, @steffechegoyen

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Audience: 228K
Description: Fashion & Beauty, Wellness, New Mom

“Through my social media, I try to share my taste for fashion, beauty tips, shopping, wellness, and a bit of my life as a #newmom. My blog is for those real girls who can do everything. I am a wife, mom, daughter, friend, blogger, and marketer. I love sharing my real life with you day by day because I believe that if you really want to, you can fulfill what you set out to do! ” Steff Echegoyen

4. Selene Saldivar, @selenesaldivar

Location: Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico
Audiencia: 1,119
Description: Storyteller, Natural Light Catcher

“After 11 years of marriage and 3 children, the topic of Instagram was not on my mind until March of this year, when I started my personal project of studying and preparing myself in the world of photography. Having a camera in my hands has always passioned and transformed me. So, now in my photographs, I only seek to capture the soul and magic of every moment of my life that seems ordinary but is actually extraordinary to live and remember. And I am showing my eldest children (who thought my project was impossible when we read our New Year goals) that a dream with enough passion, heart, and self-confidence can always be achieved. ” Selene Saldivar

5. Mimi Velarde, @mimivelarde

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Audience: 144K
Description: Content creator and graphic designer

When you feel complete in all aspects, you can enjoy your life more. For me, it is being a professional, wife, mom, friend, and content creator. Without a doubt, the opportunity to be a Mom has been one of the most valuable and incredible adventures that I’ve ever had. What I enjoy the most is balancing my life, being a mom does not mean being a slave for life, but becoming a better version of yourself, always doing everything you want by giving your heart and giving the best example to that little person who learns daily from you.

When my daughter helps me create content for Instagram, it is a unique experience, she is patient and she feels special. They are the photos that I take care of more simply because she appears, for the moment that we enjoyed together and because she shared with me one of my greatest passions.” – Mimi Velarde

How to collaborate with mom influencers?

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Article updated: June 8, 2020