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Reactivate your post-COVID communication strategy

Transform your communication strategy for the new normal

These past few months have been very difficult for brand communications worldwide. Little by little, states are opening and activity is slowly starting up again. Still, things aren’t going back to how they were before. This means communications won’t go back to normal either. We have a few tips on how to reactivate your communication for a post-COVID society.

Acknowledge the reality

When reactivating your communication, don’t pretend that everything is normal. Consumption habits have changed dramatically, and pre-pandemic communication strategies will no longer work. Recognize the effect the crisis has had on your customers and you will better connect with them in this environment of uncertainty.

Be sure your visuals match the current context

Showing groups of people gathered together might not be the best idea. Adapt your copy and visuals to the recommended rules of social distancing and other recommended guidelines.

Communicate all changes in business operations

If your company had to change business logistics, communicate this. For example, if there are new service hours or adjusted product delivery times, let your customers know.

Change the focus of your communication

The focus of your communications should be on how your brand is helping people. For example, explain how your product is useful in present circumstances or how your brand is being socially responsible. The focus should be more human, not sales.

Answer the question, “Why should I trust you?”

Many people are focused on only buying essentials,  others have lost their income, and supply and demand have changed. Your brand needs to explain why consumers should trust and choose you. If your communication cannot answer this question, your potential customers most likely can’t answer this, either.

Encourage your customers to spread the word

No message is more authentic than the one delivered by your real customers. Give them the opportunity to convey the message of your brand and why they prefer it. Real people communicating with real people.

I hope these tips help you reactivate your communication strategy. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you.

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