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Communication tips for the COVID-19 crisis

Five tips to change your communication during the crisis

At a time when people are using their digital devices more than ever, it is tempting to take advantage of the situation to promote your brand. However, there is a very thin line to respect. We have some tips to adapt your communication with a creative and responsible approach:

Do not fall into opportunism. The current circumstance is delicate and has many people on edge. As a brand, sensitivity and respect must prevail. If you had a campaign planned, adapt the communication to be sensitive and relevant to the current situation. 

“With great power comes great responsibility,” as Uncle Ben put it. Now is the time to use your social media reach to create social awareness with your audience. Help promote sanitary measures, support a social cause, or let your customers know that you’re supporting them during these challenging times. 

Promote social distancing and proper sanitation. Modify messaging that implies direct human contact or other habits that contradict the WHO recommendations. For example: change your photos that show hugs, kisses, thumb-sucking, social gatherings, etc. 

Internal check-up. Review your brand and products. If there is the slightest possibility that the use of your product could negatively affect the consumer or contradict official health recommendations during this time, it’s crucial that you inform your audience about modifying the time or way to use your products. Also, consider that driving conversion at this time is not wise, focus on knowledge and information.

Be empathetic. Brands should be a source of companionship and entertainment for their audiences during this crisis. Focus on building emotional bonds and trust with your customers. 

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