VoxFeed 101: What is VoxFeed and how does it work?

We’ve been talking a lot recently about the latest and greatest new features that we’ve been working on. Some of you have only recently joined this conversation so I thought it would be a good idea to go back to the basics and do a quick overview – what is VoxFeed and how does it work?

What is VoxFeed?

VoxFeed is a software platform that helps companies build and manage communities of brand enthusiasts that they can then collaborate with to create and share social media content.

What do we mean by “brand enthusiast”?

In our world, a brand enthusiast is someone that uses and genuinely likes your product. Sometimes they’re called influencers, content creators, or fans, but to us, they are simply the real people who have an authentic connection to your brand.

How does it work?

  • VoxFeed is 100% a hosted technology platform, aka it lives “in the cloud.”
  • It’s designed to be self-service. We’re happy to work with you to get you up and running but our long-term goal is to make you self-sufficient.
  • VoxFeed allows you to maintain a direct relationship with the content creators in your community. We’ve designed it so that you can efficiently run campaigns at huge scale. You can also reach out via our in-app chat to connect individually.
  • It’s available for web and mobile and has separate apps for brands and content creators.
  • You can use VoxFeed via our public community and connect with the tens of thousands of content creators already active OR we can create a Private Label version with your logos, colors, etc. In that case, the platform would be private to just you and your community of users and fans.

As a brand what are some of the things I can do with it?

  1. Create a campaign that quickly and easily “on-boards” your brand sponsors. This includes legal, social media account validation, and training. It’s as easy as posting or emailing a link.
  2. Manage multiple brands and campaigns from the same account.
  3. Establish permission and access levels to control who can see or access features like setting budgets, content approvals, scheduling, payments, etc.
  4. Create and share campaign guidelines so that content creators know exactly what you’re looking for. This can include campaign goals, target networks (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), sample images, hashtags, mentions, language tone, and more.
  5. Approve or reject collaborators who have requested to participate in your campaign.
  6. Approve or reject the content that they propose.
  7. Reward the creator with money or some type of in-kind payment like free product, discounts, experiences, etc.
  8. See campaign results in real-time: at the overall campaign level, by participant, and/or by post.
  9. Download the full results in CSV format so that you can integrate them into other applications or processes.

How can I find people to collaborate with my brand?

As mentioned, you can select from VoxFeed’s existing base of content creators and/or invite your own user base. We usually recommend both – start with content creators already active on VoxFeed then accelerate your campaigns by inviting your fans to join.

Once they’ve joined VoxFeed, you can either select them individually (VoxFeed Select) or publish the campaign brief to everyone who matches the profile filter that you’ve set (VoxFeed Plus). Those matching profiles then opt-in by requesting to participate.

How much does it cost?

Access to VoxFeed is free – come on in and kick the tires. You can create a brand, build a campaign, check out the content creators that are already active – all free.
You only need to add credit to the platform when you decide to launch your campaign and engage with content creators. You have complete control of how much you spend and can set limits on a per-post, per-engagement, or on an overall campaign basis. Likewise, you can pause or stop the campaign whenever you’d like.

How much does VoxFeed charge?

Our fees depend on a couple of factors. For VoxFeed Select campaigns we charge 10% of the amount that you and the content creator agree upon. For VoxFeed Plus we charge you nothing but retain 30% from the participants’ earnings. If you’re paying in-kind, we charge $5 for each piece of content that is shared on your behalf.

So there you go – VoxFeed in just a couple of paragraphs!

We also have a quick start program that can get you set up with your first trial campaign over the phone in about half an hour. If you’re interested in getting started or learning more, schedule a call with one of our specialists.