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Brand advocates: 5 reasons to engage your loyal customers

In 2020, Voxfeed is going back to basics. We want to help brands refocus their marketing strategies on the core of their business: the people. The loyal customers, users, and fans that make it all possible. These regular users of your products are your real brand advocates. 

Our hypothesis is that the most engaging content comes from real people. When your customers use their authentic voice to share content about your brand, they help you establish authenticity. And now, more than ever, consumers are craving authenticity. Here are five reasons to empower your real fans and users as brand advocates. 

5 reasons to use your real customers as brand advocates

  1. It creates more trust in your brand. A recent survey by Nielsen shows that 92 percent of consumers are more likely to trust recommendations from people they know. Simply stated, we as humans are naturally more likely to trust the opinions and recommendations of friends and family. When your real customers share content about their experience with your brand, their peers will listen. Converting your loyal users into brand advocates has a ripple effect in creating more trust in your brand.
  2. Customers connect with genuine experiences and stories. The most compelling content comes from real people. According to a recent survey, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to perceive user-generated content (aka content made by everyday users of your product) as authentic compared to content created directly by brands. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements these days. They crave authentic voices that they can trust. These voices are found in the everyday users and fans of your brand.
  3. Loyal customers love to feel seen and heard. Customers become brand advocates when they feel engaged, heard, and appreciated. When brands use regular people who love their products to create authentic content, it reinforces their brand loyalty. By inviting them to interact with your brand in this way, customers feel appreciated and thanked for their loyalty.
  4. Create real relationships with your customers. Create a real, two-way connection with your customers and users. Now more than ever, customers want a human, emotional connection with brands. Embracing and empowering your real fan base as brand advocates helps you build this authentic connection.
  5. Gather valuable customer insights. Engaging your real customers and users to create content gives you an opportunity to better understand your market. When your users describe your brand in their own words, you gain important insights on your products and brand. They can show you new ways to use your product and give insights on how your product or brand is perceived and used. Take advantage of this feedback loop.

Ultimately, people -your customers and users- are the center of your business. By tapping into your base of real users and customers to create content, you are building your trust and reputation.

Want to know more about how to activate your fan base? VoxFeed can help you recruit and manage these brand advocates.

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