How to Start Monetizing on TikTok: Complete Guide

If you are a content creator on TikTok, you may be wondering how you can monetize your videos and make money on the platform. In this step-by-step guide, you’ll discover the best strategies to grow your audience and start generating revenue from your videos on TikTok.

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Create quality and consistent content.

To monetize on TikTok, it is important that you create quality and consistent content. This means that you should post regularly and make sure your videos are interesting and engaging for your audience. It is also important that you maintain a consistent theme in your videos so that your followers know what to expect from you. Remember that the quality of your videos is key to attracting brands and sponsors looking for partnerships.

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On how to start monetizing on TikTok, there are several ways.

How to start monetizing on TikTok.

From the Creators Fund at TikTok.

The TikTok Creators Fund is a program that pays eligible creators for their content. To be eligible, creators must be at least 18 years old, have 100,000 followers and 100,000 video plays in the last 30 days. The amount of money paid to creators depends on several factors, such as the number of views, engagement rates and the creator’s country.


TikTok creators can host live broadcasts or livestreamings in which they interact with their followers in real time, answer questions and receive virtual gifts from viewers. Viewers can buy virtual gifts with real money, and TikTok takes a share of the proceeds.

VoxFeed campaigns on TikTok.

VoxFeed is a platform that matches content creators with brands, artists and/or record labels. To collaborate with artists and brands and start monetizing on TikTok, the first step is to register as a content creator on the site. From there, you can connect your accounts (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube) to receive personalized offers for both national and international advertising campaigns.

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From VoxFeed you can get:

Partnerships with Brands and Artists.

TikTok content creators can partner with brands and artists to create sponsored content that promotes artists’ songs or brand’s products or services to their followers. Brands or artists can pay content creators based on their number of followers, their engagement rates, and the level of creativity and production value of the content.

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Affiliate Marketing.

Content creators on VoxFeed and TikTok can participate in brand campaigns to promote their products. Creators in this type of campaign can promote products or services and earn a commission on any sales made through their unique affiliate link.