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The State of Influencer Marketing – Guidelines & Trends [2023]

The State of Influencer Marketing [2023]: If the last few years taught us anything, the real test of a marketer’s skill is how well they adapt to change. 

The top trends marketers are currently leveraging are short-form video, mobile-friendly web design, creating content that reflects their brand’s values, and using social media DMs for customer service. SEO, mobile messaging, influencer marketing, and selling products directly in social apps are also a must. All in all, more marketers are speeding up processes and tactics to meet the digital, hyper-connected world we’re existing in today. 

As VoxFeed, as we do every year, we collected data on all campaigns launched in our platform these last 12 months. We found that creators are dominating as an engaging, specialized channel to connect with niche audiences and short-form video continues to boom.

TikTok creators, Reels influencers, and YouTube personalities are dominating digital engagement, creating and producing high-quality organic content that rivals major brands. 

Based on this info, we’ve prepared this guide with the main digital marketing trends for 2023. We’ve analyzed each one of the trends and hope they will help you with your strategy.

Here it is: The State of Influencer Marketing 2023 – Guidelines & Trends

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