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10 Brands that Collaborate with small influencers on Instagram

In the era of social media, marketing changes and evolves at a great speed. The majority of marketers are aware of the simple truth: ads work when they don’t look like ads. And it’s the truth brands that collaborate with small influencers on Instagram make good use of.

As brands have become more and more aware of the power of small influencers, they are willing to pay them for sponsored posts. The problem is that many brands do not know how to go about finding these small influencers. In this article, we will introduce you to VoxFeed and tell you 10 brands that collaborate with influencers on Instagram and that are on our platform.

But first…

Are you a small influencer on Instagram?

Small Influencers are those people with less than 10,000 followers on their social media. They may specialize in a specific market segment or area, share content through their social profiles about their interests and publish sponsored posts when associated with brands.

Typically, they are strongly connected to their audience. These can be found in almost any industry and have much closer relationships with their following than larger influencers. On many occasions, they even know each other personally.

Brands that collaborate with small influencers

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Some brands focus on working with macro-influencers while some brands choose to work with small influencers, many other brands are somewhere in between the two. One thing is for sure: just like any type of marketing campaign, brands want to work with influencers who are the best fit for their brand.

Brands are becoming more and more aware of the power of smaller influencers. They have discovered that these content creators have a more engaged audience and therefore they are awesome as brand ambassadors. As a result, brands don’t need to spend as much money on them for their ad campaigns to be successful.

So, if you’re into Instagram, find out brands that collaborate with small influencers on Instagram:

Urban Outfitters

One more fashion brand that has been using small influencers on Instagram is Urban Outfitters. They have a few ambassadors who are also content creators.


The beauty company has partnered with small to mid-level influencers on Instagram to promote their new products, especially the ones geared towards sensitive skin that needs protection from harsh winter weather.

BK Beauty

The brand is also known to work with small influencers. They have a few ambassadors who are small in order to help them promote their brands and products on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


Nike is also a big brand that knows how to work with influencers, especially small influencers. The brand also has a few popular ambassadors that are micro-influencers and they have been featured in many of their campaigns.


Airbnb is a marketplace for publishing, advertising and booking online accommodations and experiences in more than 190 countries. It is already one of the most valuable brands in the world, particularly in the hospitality sector, and used VoxFeed as a tool to achieve some of that growth.

Arista Records

Arista Records is an American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, originally founded in 1974. It was the home to some of the most iconic names in the industry including Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin and works with small influencers through VoxFeed.


Instead of launching influencer marketing campaigns from time to time as so many other beauty brands do, Glossier interacts with small influencers on a daily basis. Thanks to incredibly clever marketing philosophy, they’ve built a massive – and amazingly loyal – community.


HiSmile is a small startup turned into a multimillion-dollar company, due in no small part to influencer marketing. It produces dental care products aimed at millennials and zoomers who like to take care of their looks.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is an internationally recognized restaurant chain. From a legendary pizza in California to a global brand in more than 11 countries. They’re building a dynamic community – with brand advocates – that is allowing sustainable organic growth in the company. 


The coffee chain is now one of the most successful brands on Instagram by partnering up with influencers for marketing efforts. Small influencers are great for brands like Starbucks.