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The 5 Best Content & Collaboration Platforms for Marketing

Collaboration platforms and tools help us prioritize projects, stay on schedule, ease communication, and let us focus on the challenges where we can really make a difference. They help open doors of communication between everyone involved, create, manage and receive content. That’s why collaboration platforms for marketing are so powerful. What are collaboration platforms for marketing Collaboration platforms for marketing

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Brand Ambassadors vs Affiliates vs Influencers: What’s Best for your Brand

Brands typically offer affiliates and brand ambassadors programs to influencers to apply and promote their products or services. While these may be very similar there are some differences. Learn the differences between brand ambassadors vs affiliates vs influencers and what is best for your brand. With the rise of social media, companies are provided with many opportunities. One highly effective

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Activate Influencers: Free Platform and 5 influencer collaboration Ideas

To activate influencers, you have VoxFeed, a free influencer platform. Brands are going back to basics. They are refocusing their marketing strategies on the core of their business: the people. The loyal customers, users, and fans that make it all possible.  So let’s talk about some of the most effective influencer collaboration ideas you can leverage. Learn more abut VoxFeed:

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Find Influencers on Social Media: Social Media Influencer Platform

VoxFeed is a social media influencer platform, that connects brands with brand advocates, nano, micro and macro influencers on social media. Brands can access for free and interact directly with content creators, launch campaigns, manage payments and measure results on their influencer campaigns. All through the platform, in an easy, fast and secure way. Check here how to find latin influencers.

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Instagram for Affiliate Marketing – Tips for Social Affiliates on Instagram

Using Instagram for Affiliate Marketing is a popular way to grow brand awareness and revenue. Since Instagram first launched in 2010, the social platform has attracted over 1.4 billion users. Find out tips for social affiliates on Instagram. Launch your Affiliate program on Instagram for free through VoxFeed I’m an affiliate I’m a Brand It turns out you don’t need an

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The easiest way to Manage Affiliate and Influencers Content

Social media changed our relationships, opening up a door of countless opportunities. New technologies provide new channels and different ways to attract customers with products, services, and content. Through this wave of change, affiliate programs came to life. To run this kind of strategy, you will need an easy way to manage affiliate content and influencers content. Connect with affiliates

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Affiliate Social Media Marketing – How to run your affiliate program

From recommending products in blog posts, coupon codes from influencers and content creators, or even simply sharing referral links between friends and family, affiliate social media marketing is key to promote your business online. Being both free and user-friendly, social media has emerged to be one of the go-to channels for affiliate marketing. With average consumers of about half of

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What are Customer Advocates? Free customer advocacy software

Customer advocates can be your trusted partners for your brand. Here’s how to build a customer advocacy program and free-to-access customer advocacy software. VoxFeed act as support to make life easier for both agencies and brands when managing content and running campaigns with your own customer advocates. Meet VoxFeed, a free customer advocacy software Customers aren’t just looking for a product

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