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Integrated marketing communications & 4 examples for your brand

What are integrated marketing communications? Integrated marketing communications involves aligning marketing channels to promote products or services together, usually through a strategic campaign. Integrated marketing also works to align the core brand message that is conveyed through your marketing channels and assets. Imagine you discover a new brand on Instagram and visit their website to buy one of their products.

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Content creators and how to work with them. Content creators platform

A content creator is responsible for creating and generating written, audio or visual information for content marketing platforms, such as social media or blogs. VoxFeed is a content creators platform for brands and agencies.Today, content can be a video on TikTok, a review on Instagram or a blog post. Regardless of the type, content usually has an end goal. We

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7 ways to get more likes on Instagram – Grow your followers

Would you like to increase your engagement rate on all your posts? Do you want to get more likes on Instagram? Grow your following on Instagram? The biggest currency on Instagram is Likes. When you get more likes, your post will appear first in users’ news feeds. Earning more Likes will also help ensure that your future posts get more

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Marketing for restaurants: 9 effective strategies and ideas for your business

Marketing for restaurants has become much more demanding in recent years. Those responsible for restaurant marketing, promotions and attracting new restaurant customers face challenges that are as difficult as they are interesting. People looking to fill their stomachs now have a dizzying array of possible options, and restaurants must compete for customers’ attention beyond location. Too often, restaurants miss the opportunity

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[2022 update] 7 influencer marketing trends for brands

Influencer marketing trends: In 2020 and 2021 the world has experienced a breakthrough in digitization. This means that marketing and public relations had to adapt and accompany this trend. Influencer marketing content gained special relevance, with 93% of brands claiming to use this type of strategy. It is expected to become a $15 billion dollar industry by 2022 and so

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Find Latin Influencers & content creators

VoxFeed is an automated influential marketing platform, to connect brands with brand advocates, nano, micro and latin influencers. Brands can access for free and can connect, interact, launch campaigns, manage payments and measure results on their influencer campaigns. All through the platform, in an easy, fast and secure way. Check here how to find latin influencers. Find Latin Influencers here with your free account

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