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Influencer Marketing trends to follow in 2020

Influencer marketing statistics to keep in mind for 2020

As every year, The Influencer Marketing Hub published its study of the Influencer Marketing industry. They survey over 4,000 people from marketing agencies, brands and other industry professionals to assess industry trends for 2020.

This study was carried out at the end of last year/early 2020. While the current pandemic will surely change some of these findings, we found these insights to be very valuable:

  • The Influencer Marketing industry is expected to continue the growth trend of around 50% year-over-year, reaching an estimate of $ 9.7 trillion by 2020.


  • Influencer Marketing searches on Google continue to grow, showing an increase of 1500% in the last 3 years.


  • There’s an evolving approach to measuring “success” in Influencer Marketing campaigns. Compared to past years, the rule for determining whether the campaign was successful is moving towards a focus on conversions, not just on interactions and engagements online.


  • After analyzing 100,000+ social network profiles, the study found that the nano and micro creators achieve the most interaction. This is especially true on Instagram,  where creators with 5,000 followers or less are the ones with the highest engagement rate.


  • Average engagement rate per social network and account size
influencer marketing engagement rates
Engagement rates per account size

While the big creators are followed by crowds and their names are recognized, it is the smaller creators who are characterized by having more credibility and recognition of their followers as experts in a subject or interest in the subject of which they speak in their publications.

As the study shows, the relationship between the creator and its audience is considered the most valuable factor for collaborations.  We hope you found this information interesting. If you want to include an Influencer Marketing strategy for your brand, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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