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From customers to Brand Advocates

If the feedback that you have from your customers is amazing, and you want it to be known so it reaches more people and potential customers, we have the solution for you. You need to give voice to your clients and transform them into Brand Advocates.

Brand Advocates are your best allies. They are friends of your brand, partners, and their social media power is unmatched. It’s all about getting your brand fans (clients) to promote through their own social media channels, your products and services.

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Online businesses depend a great deal on word-of-mouth to garner customers. Increasingly, word-of-mouth advertising happens via Internet communication and social media. Every time one of your satisfied customers tells a friend about your product or service, she creates a new potential customer.

To use it effectively, you must understand the medium and build relationships with the messengers.

Who are your Brand Advocates?

The short answer is: your clients. The fans of your brand are your best brand ambassadors.

Brand advocates approach the Internet differently than average users, often with different goals in mind when they communicate to their social networks. Brand advocates seek to become “tastemakers” and influencers. They are highly prolific and are concerned with building a personal brand. They want to be widely known as a trusted source of information.

A whopping 92 percent of consumers say they trust brand advocates. If you think about it, almost every decision that you make is influenced by someone: family, friends, colleagues… To maximize this effect, and having customers that are absolutely passionate about your products/ services, why not take their feedback to a whole other level?

How to transform your customers into Brand Advocates?

VoxFeed is the platform that allows you to invite and manage all the relationships with your clients and make them your brand ambassadors. You can manage invitations, requests, content created, payments, and measure the performance of every single interaction.

These are the steps for you to invite your customers to participate on your campaigns and become brand advocates:

1. Invite them to your campaign through a link

Once you have your brand and campaign created on VoxFeed, you only have to click on “Share Campaign”:

Campaign Preview

A link will be automatically generated and copied so you can share it with your customers. You can send it by direct message, e-mail, or any other channel of communication that you have with your brand fans.

This URL takes whoever opens it to a page where they can see the campaign’s brief and register in the platform to participate. VoxFeed takes care of all of the onboarding processes in the platform, so your future brand advocates can be part of your campaigns as seamlessly as possible.

Once the customers you invited join the campaign, their account will show up on your “Requests” section,

2. You have the power: Manage all the content

Every customer that wants to participate, has to create and send a proposal so you can review and approve it. If it doesn’t fit the brief or the purpose of your campaign, you can suggest changes to it.

Nothing gets published without your approval. In addition, you can also set the date and time for that content to be published. Your brand advocates have to post the exact same content that you approved, otherwise it’s not validated. This means that the post that you have approved, cannot have any change to it afterward.

3. Measure Results

Once you have active participants, you will see the distribution of your credit and the flow of posts in your campaign. When those posts are live, you will be able to see their results. To have full control of the performance of your campaign, we suggest assigning specific UTM to the URLs of your campaign and/or a campaign dedicated Landing Page. This way, you can isolate the results that are coming through VoxFeed and measure their impact on sales, leads, new customers, or other target KPI.

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